Adam Bemma in Medan, Indonesia.I’m a journalist and media development advisor, trainer and mentor based in Bangkok, Thailand. This follows seven years of work in East Africa and East Asia.

My journalism reflects the change I want to see in the media – by working in communities – covering stories with global impact at a local level.

I’m developing world media by giving media literacy talks, and by providing multimedia journalism training, workshops and mentorship.

I believe in the need of community media for community development – working with local journalists in Africa and Asia.

As a journalist, I’ve worked with CBC Radio-Canada. As a humanitarian, I’ve worked with InternewsFarm Radio International and Journalists for Human Rights.

I train journalists in multimedia skills, humanitarian principles and human rights. I develop training resources and Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) to assist media organizations, especially radio and online media in developing countries.

I contribute to CBC Radio-Canada and Al Jazeera English.

My writing has appeared in The Lancet, The Guardian, Montreal Gazette, Calgary Herald, and online at VICENews Deeply and Al Jazeera.

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