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Tanzania: Animals and crops provide mutual benefits in mixed farming

Madanji Awe holds a recently-picked maize stalk which he has stripped clean of cobs. He places the long, yellowy-green stalk into a forage chopper and pulls the cord to start the motor. After a few attempts, the machine roars to

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Uganda: Teacher leaves classroom behind but keeps educating

John Kaganga is transforming the lives of rural youth. The retired teacher is inspiring young people to pick up their hoes and build a brighter future in Kasejjere village, 70 kilometres northwest of Kampala, Uganda’s capital city. Mr. Kaganga says:

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Uganda: War orphan educates young farmers

Jaspher Okello crouches low with his hands in the soil. He is surrounded by two hectares of orange-fleshed sweet potato vines which sprout from the earth. His three younger brothers watch and learn as he inspects the crop. The 20-year-old

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Farm Radio broadcaster: Monica Ruth Acan, Radio Wa, Uganda

Monica Ruth Acan smiles and says, “I first felt the spirit of agriculture while I was a student in secondary school. All students had to tend to a garden. While I didn’t like doing it at first, I came to

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Uganda: Urban residents turn to vegetables and chickens to improve their lives

Ruth Nalunkuma sits on her front doorstep and gazes at her kitchen garden. The 47-year-old mother of five grows fruit and vegetables in a garden outside her tiny home in Kigoowa, a suburb eight kilometres northeast of central Kampala. Mrs.

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Tanzania: Small-scale farmers speak up for better market access

Digging her hands into the soil, Juliana Amadeus pulls up a fistful of onions with green, leafy stems. As the wind picks up, the onions’ pungent aroma wafts across the one acre farm. Ms. Amadeus drops the onions on to

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South Sudan’s Hip Hop Artists Call for Peace and Reconciliation Through the Unhip Practice of Farming

JUBA, Aug 28 2014 (IPS) – “What is the benefit when children are crying and people are dying due to hunger? There is no need to cry when you have the potential to dig,” sings Juba-based dancehall reggae group, the

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