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Indonesia’s Rohingya Refugees to Resettle to the U.S. or Remain?

In an archipelago with more islands than refugees, Indonesia is looking at ways to provide education, health and housing to its 13,800 registered refugees and asylum seekers. But advocates argue accessing livelihoods is the biggest unmet need. MEDAN, Indonesia – Muhammad

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Malaysia’s Rohingya Refugee Women’s Theatre Company

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Inside a YMCA gymnasium, an actress takes the stage and the audience goes quiet. Members of Malaysia’s state security forces are in attendance. The scene set is a family living room. An actress mimes as if

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One Rohingya’s struggle to empower women in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Tucked away upstairs at a shopping plaza in this city’s north end is a small storefront turned classroom for dozens of Rohinyga women and children. The sound of these women reciting English phrases, laughing and the

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Malaysia: A Rohingya safe haven?

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Inside a television studio a small team of four prepare the daily news bulletin featuring horrendous stories of rape, murder, forced exile, and the lack of an international response to these crimes. But this is no

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Tanzania: Young Farmers Fight Climate Change in Zanzibar

In the small village of Kiombamvua, young Zanzibaris are turning to farming. Drought and sea water intrusion have taken their toll on the island’s farmland, and the young people are trying to combat the effects of climate change. Ali Abeid

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#RightsMedia story: A safe home for abused Tanzanian girls

ARUSHA, Tanzania — Welcome to Pippi House. Karibu sana. Please feel at home. This is Tanzania’s only safe house for abused and homeless girls, founded in 2011 by Aristides Nshange. After spending five years establishing a place for street kids in

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#RightsMedia story: St Jude, the patron saint of hopeless causes

ARUSHA, Tanzania — Every Monday morning as the sun rises, 8-year-old Kelvin Mushi wakes up and puts on his neatly-pressed powder blue dress shirt along with his navy blue sweater and pants, the iconic uniform at The School of St

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