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South African documentary filmmaker talks gentrification in JoBurg

South African documentary filmmaker, Arya Laloo, talks about gentrification in her Johannesburg district, Jeppestown. Laloo is co-director of the 2013 film Jeppe on a Friday. Named one of the best African films of 2013 by the U.K. Guardian newspaper.

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A portrait of gentrification in Johannesburg

The mean streets of Johannesburg, South Africa, put fear into the hearts of the most hardened. But a Canadian documentary filmmaker brushes off how she was once carjacked at gunpoint as if it were like being stuck in traffic on

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#Johannesburg, South Africa: A #World Class #African #City ?

A marketing campaign claiming Johannesburg as “A World Class African City” has been deemed “misleading” by the South African Advertising Standards Authority. Long-time urban consultant Neil Fraser (Urban Inc.) reflects on the 30-plus years of work he’s put into this

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Jeppe on a Friday – a #radio doc about a #film doc in #SouthAfrica

Synopsis: Jeppe on a Friday is a 2013 South African documentary film about gentrification in Jeppestown, a low-income district in Johannesburg in the midst of re-development. This radio documentary examines the collaborative process used by Canadian filmmaker Shannon Walsh in cinema

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The Rainbow Nation – South Africa

After spending the entire month of February in South Africa, I think I should take a moment to reflect on my time in this fascinating country. I find South Africa quite a contradiction. How a nation can laud its achievements

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Cry, the beloved country

In 1948, before the South African government’s implementation of the unjust apartheid system (racist law separating blacks from whites) a writer named Alan Paton wrote these famous words: “Cry, the beloved country, for the unborn child that is the inheritor

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