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Malaysia’s Rohingya Refugee Women’s Theatre Company

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Inside a YMCA gymnasium, an actress takes the stage and the audience goes quiet. Members of Malaysia’s state security forces are in attendance. The scene set is a family living room. An actress mimes as if

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Loreto Girls Journalism Club Reunite and Report from Rumbek on South Sudan’s Economy

RUMBEK, South Sudan – “The first time I heard there was fighting in my village, I felt sad. I wasn’t expecting this to happen,” said Christine Makuer Bol. “I’m trying my best to teach people not to do this again.

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Tanzanian Women In Action For Development

ARUSHA, Tanzania – When a six-year-old girl named Salma, accompanied by her grandmother, entered Maria Mushi’s office in Arusha claiming she hadn’t been payed for work as a housemaid, this 55-year-old sprang into action. Mushi listened to Salma’s case and decided to

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