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Zambia: Radio Schools Reach Rural Children

A large blue, solar-powered wind-up radio sits on a chair underneath a large tree. The radio crackles as the dial is tuned to the only local station. A handful of children gather around and begin to sing. The children are

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M is for Mzungu! – Tanzania, Zanzibar and Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya The day I arrived at the border town of Nakonde, Zambia I was confused. It was 4am and pitch black outside. I looked out of the bus window and wiped the morning dew from my eyes. All I

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From the Coast to the Falls: Travels through Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia

All throughout my travels in Africa my sole means of transportation has been public transit (local and long distance buses). This has been difficult to say the least, but I’ve made the most of it. Of course now most of

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