Montréal, tales of gentrification in a bohemian city (redux)

Montreal, tales of gentrification in a bohemian city. Montréal: histoire de la gentrification d’une ville bohème.

This 80 minute documentary examines the rapid push for condo development in Montréal. Residents speak about how this development is having an effect in communities all across the city.

I finished this film back in September 2011, then I updated it in March 2012 with more footage. Now the French bit of the film has been translated (with subtitles) into English over two years later.

Sorry about the wait, I’ve been busy with other things (namely travel-work across sub-Saharan Africa). Plus, a group in Vancouver asked me to do it. They are going to screen it at Spartacus Books. With a little help from a friend, here it is.

My magnum opus “Montréal, tales of gentrification in a bohemian city” for your viewing pleasure.

Translation: Jessica Wallace
Subtitles: Adam Bemma

Adam Bemma is a journalist, humanitarian, and media consultant based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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