Former child soldier in South Sudan shares story

MALAKAL, South Sudan – 28-year-old Anthony Thon was only 15 when he was captured by the SPLA, Sudanese People’s Liberation Army, and made to fight Khartoum government forces in Sudan’s second civil war.

In 2005, after the signing of the CPA, Comprehensive Peace Agreement, he escaped the SPLA and returned to school.

After South Sudan received independence in 2011, Thon was teaching primary school students in Malakal. When the current conflict erupted in December 2013, Thon fled from his home to the UNMISS, United Nations Mission in South Sudan, base on the edge of town.

Thon now lives as an IDP, internally displaced person, at a UN protected camp in Malakal, South Sudan, where he works to educate and inform other displaced people in his community.


Adam Bemma is a journalist and media development advisor working in East Africa and Southeast Asia.

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