Hong Kong’s Heritage Heroes – Part Two

HONG KONG – Heritage Heroes Part Two is the second part of a documentary on residents fighting to save Hong Kong’s cultural heritage and historic buildings from neglect and, eventual, demolition by local government and property development companies in the world’s most expensive city.

This part begins at Hong Kong House of Stories in the historic Wan Chai district. Kayla Tsang has lived in Wan Chai for over 20 years. She does House of Stories walking tours around Blue House, a Hong Kong tenement building (known by locals as “Stone Nullah Lane cluster”). Blue House is now being converted and renovated into a community hub for local business and low cost rental suites.

Wan Chai is a thriving area for business and nightlife. Hong Kong’s skyline consists mostly of high rises in this district. Over the years the Hong Kong government has focused on urban renewal in an effort to modernize Wan Chai. But its residents feel they are being pushed out and are unable to afford to live here.

Blue House is one of three tenement buildings (Yellow and Orange Houses are the other two on Stone Nullah Lane) residents are saving from neglect, to preserve for its cultural heritage value and to share with Wan Chai’s history with visitors and other Hongkongers.

Featuring (in order of appearance): Kayla Tsang (Hong Kong House of Stories – Blue House), Suki Chau (St. James Settlement – Wan Chai citizens group), Christopher DeWolf (Author and Journalist), Jose Yam Hosan (Commissioner for Heritage in Hong Kong government).

Adam Bemma is a journalist, humanitarian, and media consultant based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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