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Weaponising the Internet in Thailand

BANGKOK – Thailand’s ruling regime, the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), looks ready to set aside its whistle and zebra stripes amid chatter that the country is about to take tentative steps towards limited democracy, with an election

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Thailand: No Internet Freedom with new Computer Crime Act

BANGKOK, Thailand – The sound of cicadas spread as the sun sets in the northeastern city of Khon Kaen. Payu Boonsophon, 23, stares down at his smart phone. He hesitates before beginning to type a message on Facebook. He knows

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Thailand’s Computer Crimes – CBC The World this Weekend

BANGKOK, Thailand – Thai netizens are outraged as amendments to the Computer Crime Act came into effect in 2017. It’s meant to take Thailand’s draconian sedition and royal defamation laws online. The current regime has made it a far-reaching act

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