On the Campaign Trail

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On the campaign trail there is fear and there is loathing….
In Canadian politics the fear is of the unknown, this being Steven Harper and the Conservative Party. While the loathing is in regards to corruption, which has plagued Paul Martin and his Liberal Party since he has been in Ottawa.

The alleged “hidden agenda” of Mr. Harper is what keeps him from moving into 24 Sussex Drive and becoming the Prime Minister. Harper is a neo-conservative economist that believes in the free market, and his intent is to try and privatize as much of Canada as he possibly can. Meaning that our publicly funded health care and education systems would probably collapse and a more pro-American style economy would be the result. Harper’s Conservative Party wants Canada to be completely integrated into the U.S. with one common market for North America.

On the other hand Mr. Martin is going to have a hard time trying to convince Canadians that he deserves to remain in office. Martin has been accused of involvement in the sponsorship scandal while he was Finance Minister and now there are more allegations of corruption within the Liberal Party. Martin boasts of the solid financial position in Canada since he has been in office. Meanwhile social spending has been cut and enormous tax breaks are given to the wealthy. Martin claims to be a federalist and promotes nationalism in Canada, but another Liberal government may cause the separation of this country.

Adam Bemma is a journalist, humanitarian, and media consultant based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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One comment on “On the Campaign Trail
  1. erika says:

    hey adam.
    i like your style of writing and this article helps me to understand what is going on in canada (i still do not understand the whole issue, but it’s getting better already *g*). hope to read one of your articles again soon.

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