Historic Majority

The Liberal Party of Ontario scored a historic feat on election night. It seems that Dalton McGuinty and his band of “Grits” got themselves another clear majority in Ontario. The second Premier to do so in 70 years. Not only did the Liberals get re-elected across the board, but they also got rid of the head of opposition. PC leader John Tory met his demise at the hands of Education Minister Kathleen Wynne, who rode his “faith-based” school funding controversy all the way back into the legislature. It was definitely interesting to see how many seats at Queen’s Park actually changed hands. Or not. It looks almost exactly the same as it did in 2003.

Also rejected in this election was the electoral reform debate. MMP is no longer on the agenda, having been killed by voters across the province. Now the province must focus on how to get more women and minorities involved in the political process.

Adam Bemma is a journalist, humanitarian, and media consultant based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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