260xStoryU.S. President Barack Obama‘s plan to make health care available to all Americans is causing serious controversy. On Tuesday, when addressing Congress about how undocumented immigrants wouldn’t receive care under the new program, Republican representative Joe Wilson accused Obama of lying. The President responded saying “that’s not true” and continued his speech. Lately there’s been a smear campaign directed at Obama’s crusade to implement a program that would provide coverage to the “45 million Americans-including over 8 million children,” which lack health insurance in the U.S.

Opposition has formed to these proposals made by the President and demonstrations have taken place in Washington, D.C. Many lies have been spread to confuse Americans about what would occur if Obama’s plans continue. Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter responded to these personal attacks on Obama by saying that it’s “based on racism,” and that people and groups responsible are doing this solely because he’s African-American. In a country founded on bloodshed and rooted in slavery, this is a distinct possibility. But one thing is for sure, Obama is one courageous man and will not stop until this injustice is eliminated in his country.

Adam Bemma is a journalist, humanitarian, and media consultant based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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