jhr Rights Report #8: Sudan, Omar Bashir and the International Criminal Court

The 8th edition of the jhr Rights Report examines the International Criminal Court’s case against Sudan President, Omar Bashir. A year after the ICC indicted Bashir on charges of genocide for his role in the Darfur conflict, what’s the international community doing to apprehend him?

The Rights Report goes to Africa to hear from jhr correspondent Prince Minkah in Accra, Ghana and also takes a minute to discuss the digital divide that technologically separates the rich from the poor of the world.


*reporter’s note*

After completing the eighth Rights Report broadcast/podcast, I feel like I’ve returned to my roots. It all started for me, organizing and advocating for an end to the genocide in Darfur, back in 2005. Now I feel my program is improving each week, gaining listenership and educating people as to human rights abuses and atrocities happening around the world.

Adam Bemma is a journalist, humanitarian, and media consultant based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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